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Seasons in Architecture and Construction
Plan ahead
Posted on August 1, 2023 @ 5:42PM

Growing up, spring was the time my dad and I began to get the building itch. The two of us would design and plan out a project, purchase the materials (and any needed tools…) and wait for the right day to start. The projects we worked on ranged from a shed or a boat to a chicken coop or play fort. Whatever project we chose to do would carry us into the summer and leave us with a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. In most northern parts of our country, you recognize that same time in spring, the time the snow has finally melted and the sun has broken through telling everything and everyone to wake up. It is no surprise that this awakening of life sparks dreams to action. For many the dream of a new home or building project is brought to life. 

In the architecture world, our phone really starts to buzz on that first warm day after the snow with the wide eyed excitement of something new, something on the horizon. Sure, with enough planning, that construction project could start in as little as a few months, and we are happy to do that and do it well... however, your home or business could be like a fine wine – aged to perfection. Due to the natural flows of work and deadlines, we often have our busy season in the spring and into the summer. In the fall and winter new projects are not as common. It is in this fall and winter season we are able to focus in on our client’s projects, discover new and better solutions to previously solved work, research emerging materials or technologies and produce something even better than expected. If you do have an extended amount of time available for the design phase, use it and look forward to an incredible outcome.

In the builders world, let’s back up to winter. In the winter you will find that contacting builders is easier. In the winter many builders are eager and available as they seek out projects to work on for the next year or two. For builders, spring is time to have your projects lined up and get those anxious muscles moving again. Projects put on hold by the winter weather are once again active.

Just like the earth circles the sun each year producing seasons, architects and builders experience seasons as well. Anytime is a great time to start planning a project but for that extra design attention and potential of a spring start date, break away from the crowd and consider using the fall and winter for the design phase of your next project.

Author: Nate Robinson

Nate's focus on architecture as a means to improve the built environment whilst designing projects woven to their natural and cultural context aligns perfectly with the ethos of the studio. Nate participates in a variety of aspects of practice in his role as a project architect, including three dimensional modeling, energy modeling, and material research.