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Teachers are Heroes
"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth." ~ Diogenes
Posted on August 1, 2023 @ 5:42PM

Good design is supported by vibrant culture.
Vibrant culture is built on rigorous, critical, and broad education.

Strong education requires a partnership of engaged parents and a close community of powerfully empowered support to create meaningful challenges and co-create open possibilities for students of all ages. It's happening out there, and it's amazing. Go Pirates! Go Dragons! Go Bulldogs!

Passionate teachers are my heroes.

Author: Sam Rodell

Sam has practiced as an award winning architect for forty years, and has also built many of his clients' projects.  He is licensed throughout most of the western USA and Canada, and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) which expedites registration in other states and provinces. He was the first Certified Passive House Consultant architect in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.