Living Product Challenge
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What if products helped ecosystems thrive?  Imagine products that regenerate nature and improve our quality of life...

The Living Product Challenge is a framework for manufacturers to create products that are healthy, inspirational and give back to the environment.

Manufacturers are using the Living Product Challenge framework to rethink the way products are made. Instead of trying to be “less bad,” they are creating goods that have a positive impact, using the Living Product Challenge framework to create Living Products that are:

Handprints measure the positive that a product causes across its life cycle, such as harvesting more
water and generating more energy than was required to make it.

A 'footprint' considers the negative impacts of all the processes needed to make something.
Products have footprints
Services have footprints
People have footprints
Organizations have footprints
Instead, we look at business in terms of Handprints.
Handprints are positive impacts we cause to happen relative to “business as usual.”

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